Blur’s Alex James Attacks ‘Sober and Serious’ Music Industry

alexjamesAfter years of partying in the Met Bar with countless other Britpop stars at the height of so-called ‘Cool Britannia’, Blur bassist Alex James has labelled today’s music scene ‘sober and serious’ while thanking his lucky stars his band found success back in that hedonistic Nineties period.

Speaking to the UK’s Sun newspaper, James reminisced with bleary eyes about his own past excesses, and bemoaned the level of scrutiny placed on today’s music landscape. “It was a great time to be famous. You could go out and get lashed and behave in an appalling manner without anyone really caring or taking your photograph,” he fondly remembered.

“Those in the public eye are scrutinised much more now – not just by the media, by the public as well. I was talking to the drummer from a new band the other day. He says it’s not fun being a rock star any more. If you sleep with a groupie then they’re on the fan sites the next day discussing your performance. The world has become more sober and serious. It was bound to happen eventually but the party was great while it lasted.”

After enjoying the peak of their success in the Nineties, Blur released their last studio album, ‘Think Tank‘, in 2003. They reformed last year for a series of summer gigs which included a lauded headline performance at the Glastonbury festival.

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