Albarn Hints At Another Blur Reunion

blur_thumbAccording to Damon Albarn Blur will “probably do something” in January 2011. It has been more than a year since the band last appeared on stage together. But now Blur are discussing reuniting in early 2011 to work on a mysterious “small” project.

The Guardian reprots that Albarn told BBC 6 Music: “We met up yesterday and had a really nice chat,” He added, “I think we’ll probably do something, well we did talk about doing something, maybe, in January.” However , Albarn did shoot down suggestions that Blur would be planning an album or major tour. “[It will be] something small,” Albarn said, “no career-based world-domination ideas.”

In 2009 Blur reunited in for a series of successful concerts. It had been their first live appearances in 6 years .They also released a new song, Fool’s Day, as a limited-edition 7 inch. The signle sold out and Albarn has hinted at recording more tracks. “I’m definitely going to do a few more of those 7ins,” he said in May. It seems the boys would be ready to go back in the studio , he added: “We’ve got songs.”

In the meantime Albarn has a full schedule and is currently still on tour with Gorillaz, and has at least three more albums in the making to keep him from getting bored: a “Tony Allen-centred” record with Flea, an Oxfam-backed project in the Congo, and a new Gorillaz LP. But wait , there’s more: rumors of another Plastic Beach sequel, possibly one more album with the Good, the Bad and the Queen, and the result of his aborted opera with comics writer Alan Moore. “Once I stopped seeing it as a career and just started making music, things have got a lot easier,” Albarn explained.

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