Rolling Stones Promise To ‘Rock Til We Drop’

ronnie-wood_0Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood says that the Stones will never quit after revealing that he has now been sober for the past seven months

Retirement doesn’t seem to be on the band’s mind although speculations about their future has been a longtime favorite subject of the music press. Wood spoke to BBC Radio 4’s Front Row programme and claimed that the band continue to look forward to the future.

The Guardian reports that when asked whether the ageing band would continue to perform for as long as possible, the youngest member of the Stones, 63, Wood said: “Oh definitely. The old phrase: We will rock ’til we drop!”

The Stones new two limited-edition vinyl box sets are ready to be released next month, spanning their entire career. The last full length studio album, A Bigger Bang, was released back in 2005

Ronnie , who has been battling alcoholism, revealed that he has now gone seven months sober. “I’ve never felt so comfortable with it,” he added.

Rough Justice, (A Bigger Bang)

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