Primal Scream and Sex Pistols Urge For London’s 100 Club To Be Saved

bobby-gillespieMembers of Primal Scream and the Sex Pistols have added their voices to the growing protests over the potential closure of legendary London venue The 100 Club, which is suffering due to a large hike in rent.

The 100 Club was labelled as ‘the finest rock n roll club in the world’ by Aerosmith‘s Joe Perry and has enjoyed performances by the likes of David Bowie, Oasis and Bob Dylan over the years.

However, amidst mounting debts due to escalating rent and business rates, the venue’s owner Jeff Horton revealed the club could close by the end of the year in September. Since then, the obligatory Facebook campaign has been launched, and now Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie has released his own statement to register his views on the matter.

“When it comes to rock and roll, The 100 Club is the best room in London,” he said. “No contest. Rock and roll was created in small, sweaty clubs, that’s where the music sounds best. At The 100 Club there is nowhere to hide, you’ve got to have the chops to deliver, you’ve got to mean it, there’s no room for fakes, You’ve got to be good to play there and carry it off. Trial by fire.

That’s why it’s important to keep The 100 Club open. It has as much cultural value as any art gallery or museum. It’s a living place of history. Don’t let it die.”

Meanwhile, Sex Pistols bassist Glen Matlock has also expressed his concern at the potential closure, and spoke of the gratitude he has for the club. “They very kindly let us do a residency there,” he told the BBC. “The first time we played, there was about six to 10 people, but by the end of the residency, it established the band as the forefront punk band and the place was crowded out. You had to queue around the block to get in!”

In other news, long-time fans of the central London venue Tony Morrison and Jim Piddington have set up, asking people to donate money. A benefit gig is also being organised to raise money for the club in December, and will feature performances from Ronnie Wood and Mick Taylor. More guests are set to be confirmed at in the coming days. Tickets for the show are £35 advance and £38 on the door.

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