Kings Of Leon: We Ad-Libbed Our New Album In The Studio

kings of leon feature shoot for the nme magazineKings Of Leon frontman Caleb Followill has claimed he wrote all the lyrics featured on their forthcoming new album ‘Come Around Sundown‘ in the studio, and didn’t spend anytime writing the words for their songs.

Speaking in Uncut magazine, Followill revealed he had wanted to re-write some of the lyrics after they were initially laid down, but was persuaded from doing so by his bandmates. “I didn’t write lyrics, I went in and ad-libbed, I free-floated everything,” he said.

“The closer it got to the end, I felt like, ‘Man, you didn’t do your job.’ I kept thinking, ‘When I go back and redo the lyrics, then I’ll get it. But when I went back in to try to do that, everyone was like, ‘What are you doing? You can’t change those lyrics. Those are the lyrics.'”

Later, Followill also told of his initial anxiety towards the new album, and how the support from his girlfriend Lily Aldridge had helped him to renew his faith in the new material. “I played her one song, and when I did, she looked at me and went, ‘What the fuck? Why haven’t you played me this? What are you scared of?'” he explained.

“Before you know it, we had listened to every song, and she just loved it. That gave me the confidence to say, ‘All right, well, maybe I’m in my head too much’.”

Come Around Sundown‘, the follow up to Kings Of Leon’s huge selling ‘Only By The Night‘, is due for release on October 18th.

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