Review: Pete Macleod – ‘Lost and Found’

macleod-epIt was to be a fateful day for Pete Macleod when he bumped into fellow Glaswegian Alan McGee back in ’06. The setting was California where he had just moved to further his career, Alan offered Pete some well educated advice and lent his support. Taking stock of this Pete went on to structure his career, surrounding himself with like minded musicians who all learnt from each other which in turn benefited his Music. He then served his time on the gigging circuit, this hard graft created a buzz and his name was held in high regard – which led to him supporting Ocean Colour Scene in ’07, along with seasoned muso Bonehead joining him as an acoustic session guitarist for the recording of his EP “Lost and Found” and on Pete’s solo tour in ’08.

Most bands tend to opt for the tried and tested electric route and occasionally serenade us with an acoustic release or version of a song.

Pete chose to lead his band acoustically, filling a much needed gap in the market with Lost and Found which is a refreshing acoustic, indie gem, showcasing four solid songs.

Lost and Found the opening track is a great example, very well structured both lyrically and musically, Pete’s vocals float us between verse and song with great ease.

The Truth About Me And You is again a well written melodic ditty, embracing a more Beatles/Bowie influence, it bounces along nicely impressing with Pete’s ability on the guitar.

Making The Day, strums along with the emphasis on Pete’s use of vocals, it takes more of a busking approach using the classic buskers tool, the harmonica. This track is not dissimilar in sound to Ashcroft, which is a nod to Pete’s all round capability.

Noel made a good job of it, as did Badly Drawn Boy, now once again we can enjoy this brand of music. Hats off to Pete for hitting the nail right on the head. The EP is available for preview here and download via iTunes,  I advise you to buy it as i think it will make your summer a whole lot better.

Track Listing:

1. Lost and Found

2. The Truth About Me and You

3.  Making the Day

4. Lost and Found (Acoustic)

Pete Macleod live set recorded in Dublin

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