Slash Spied on Ronnie Wood For Guitar Licks

slash_woodOK, so it all makes sense now.  Guitar-slinger Slash learned his blazing riffs and leads by spying on Rolling Stones great Ronnie Wood– what?

Wood explained on his new Absolute Classic Rock radio show how it all went down, “Slash, I remember him as a kid spying on me when I was playing guitar, and I’d teach him little licks.”

Musicradar reports that while Wood did not reveal any details on how kid Slash had access to spy on him, it is true that he was born in England and lived there until the age of 11.
So stranger things have happened…..

Ronnie did however praise the Ex Guns N Roses guitarist by revealing that he’s now “learning licks off him. It’s really good. He’s a great guy to play with, and he’s great at interacting, a good weaver, you know. We can weave, like me and Bobby Womack do, and me and Keith Richards do.”

“Slash is such a great talent,” he added, “and he plays in my solo band when I take it out. He’s on my new album as well.”

Ronnie’s Wood’s website is hinting of big things to come. There is a post on the home page which states that a new site, as well as the new album, I Feel Like Playing, are coming soon.

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