No Jail Time For Noel Gallagher’s Attacker – Eh?

Daniel Sullivan

Daniel Sullivan

Many in Oasis‘ fan community, and certainly Noel Gallagher himself, welcomed the conditional sentence of 12 months which was handed down to Daniel Sullivan today with surprise and anger. The man who attacked Noel, as he performed at the V Festival in Toronto, will not have to serve any time in Jail – not a single day.

It’s reported that he’ll have to serve his sentence in the community under house arrest

Daniel Sullivan, 48, of Pickering, Ont. had pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm and did not receive the six to eight months of jail which the Crown had been pushing for. The defence successfully got the conditional sentencing for Mr . Sullivan.

Noel Gallagher had stated that when he was shoved from behind and fell head on into the wedge monitors in front of him, he felt like he had “been hit by a bus”. Sullivan was then tackled by security guards as he approached Gallagher’s younger brother, singer Liam, who needed to be restrained from going at the drunk.

Sullivan claims he was so drunk he couldn’t remember how he got backstage at the Virgin Music Festival in September 2008 and pushed Gallagher from behind. Noel suffered three broken ribs which left him in pain for a full year.  Several concerts on their world tour had to be canceled. Gallagher has also launched a $2-million civil lawsuit against Sullivan

Noel Gallagher’s assault at V Fest Toronto, 2008

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