The Knockout Sound of ‘The Boxer Rebellion’ – The SXSW Interview

The Boxer Rebellion © live4ever

The Boxer Rebellion © live4ever

As one of last year’s biggest success stories, The Boxer Rebellion were one of the most talked about bands at the 2010 SXSW festival. The group hit the headlines in January 2009 when their excellent second record topped the US iTunes Alternative chart, but that was by no means the full story. If you missed it, after being dropped by their label following the release of their debut in 2005, the band returned with the self-funded album ‘Union‘ and had their single ‘Evacuate‘ picked as iTunes’ first ever Global Single Of The Week. In another first, ‘Union’ then became the first digital-only LP from an unsigned band to break into the Billboard Top 100. Tracks like ‘Flashing Red Light Means Go‘, ‘The Gospel Of Goro Adachi and the amazing highlight ‘Soviets‘ made it not only one of the most notorious albums of 2009, but one of the best.

If ‘Union’ feels grand on record, it is an album which finds even more depth when played live, and coupled with the equally grandiose nature of their debut, gives The Boxer Rebellion a live experience which is the equal of any of the current stadium-sized heavyweights. As many groups will testify, it’s easy to become overwhelmed in the busy fog of bands, fans and beer at SXSW, but The Boxer Rebellion boast a sound which easily filled the Lustre Pearl venue at the festival, and which could have drowned out everything else on the surrounding streets of Austin as well. They present a hugely impressive show – one which is now crying out to be heard in the biggest arenas around the world.

Live4ever sat down with Nathan Nicholson, Adam Harrison, Piers Hewitt and Todd Howe from The Boxer Rebellion at SXSW and, in an exclusive interview, discuss the band’s Billboard chart successes, digital vs physical album releases, Indie music’s identity crises and singer Nathan Nicholson’s Oasis story involving Noel Gallagher and a shoe store. Click on the play button below to listen to our chat.

The Boxer Rebellion @ SXSW Festival 2010 from paul Bachmann on Vimeo.

We were there to witness many of their amazing sets at SXSW, check out the photos below from their appearances at The British Embassy Party and The Lustre Pearl:









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