Live4ever Presents: ‘Sweet Jane’

I get a message the other day asking me politely to review a band. This is a common occurrence as a reviewer and most of the time the bands/artist are quite good. Only a tiny minority blow me away and this time I’ll go as far as to proclaim: Sweet Jane are fucking awesome!


Getting together back in 2007, Danda, Lydia Des Dolles and Ruairi Paxton formed Dublin’s answer to Velvet Underground. Since then they have toured extensively and have released an amazing EP in the shape of Blackboots & Blackhearts. Great critical acclaim has lead them to be signed to Reekus Records and will release their debut LP Sugar For My Soul’ in April this year.

Dirty, sleazy and damn right sexy Rock ‘n’ Roll music is one way to describe this enigmatic band. Fronted by the sultry Lydia who swoons and just exudes passion and pain in one full swoop. Take one listen to say Take Me Home, it’s soulful, psychedelic and  filthy in all the right ways. Driving, heavy guitar with heart pounding drums that beg your ears to pay attention. Sublime and magnificent is the amazing ‘Blackboots Blackhearts’, a slightly different side shines through on a track like this. Its power is in the effortlessness this band seems to convey. It’s super cool with subtle dramatic tones that lie under the surface and burst out in a crescendo of harmonies and noise, truly spectacular.

Sweet Jane have toured with bands such as ‘Glasvegas, The Kills, White Lies, BRMC and The Duke Spirit. With this kind of backing there is no stopping this Dublin band. Welcome this band with open arms next time they are in your city, because trust me you wont want to miss that show.

For more information on the amazing, and now my new favourite band, Sweet Jane, visit and check out their amazing tracks!

You can stream their 2008 release Black Boots and Black Hearts for free right here:

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