Kasabian Start Work on ‘Beautiful’ Fourth Album.


Kasabian have started work on their fourth album with a “Pink Floyd sounding” new direction.

Frontman, Tom Meighan, has described the new tracks as “very beautiful, piano-based songs”, with guitarist Sergio Pizzorno citing a similarity to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon when speaking of the “body of work” they have already completed.

“We’re going to really grunge them up a bit”, said Tom, who also admitted it would be a while before we heard any new material as the band are currently in the middle of an extensive tour to promote ‘West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum’.

“We’re nearly there,” says Tom, “But we’ve just got to go and take ‘West Ryder [Pauper Lunatic Asylum]’ round the world and show it to people.”

The band were recently named headliners of 2010’s T in the Park, which Tom said will be “massive for us and for the crowd.”

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