Bands on the UK Horizon For 2010

As another year ends, we start to look forward to the future stars of 2010. Some great bands have crossed our paths in 2009, some outstanding debuts have been released. I start to wonder now then, what does next year have to offer in the way of great bands!?

So without further ado I give you my tips for 2010 and ones to definitely watch over the next 12 months.

First up, friends of Live4ever and definitely one of the hottest bands in London right now, I present to you…. ‘Chapter24


This band have some of the catchiest songs you could ever imagine. If you love instant quirky pop genius, then look no further then the amazing talents of these four crazy hepcats! Recently reviewed in the NME and before that, mentioned on this very site! Chapter24 have the songs and talent that every new band should aspire to have. The band are going back in the studio to record some new songs in the new year, and currently have indie label interest. Definitely check this band out if you know whats good for you….

Next up are a band of pop misfits that go by the name of ‘Egyptian Hip Hop

Egyptian Hip Hop

Manchester’s very own Egyptian Hip Hop are a collective of oddball indie pop princes. With a sound that is slightly off the chart of normality and banality, this band twist genres and combine beats/keys and guitar noodling to create a touch of artful and wistful magic. Currently unsigned but are currently on a UK tour with London band ‘Is Tropical’, they have a buzz around them at the moment that should hopefully bode well for the young band. Check out a couple of tracks here… and take this band into your hearts!

If there was any justice in the music world today, ‘Polka Party’ would be signed tomorrow and you would all be dancing like idiots to their songs!

Polka Party

This band have slowly been building a cult following and have had some excellent reviews from various music press. ‘Polka Party’ create exciting and ridiculously danceable indie art rock brilliance. Already released singles on their own, which are currently available to buy on iTunes, these guys from Kent are waiting for your adulation. With angular guitar riffs and pounding drums that make your feet disconnect from your legs,they deserve huge success in 2010 and label bosses would be stupid not to sign them. Check out…

Psychedelic, surf, folky pop beatniks ‘Little Glitches‘ hail from Sheffield but sound like they come from a much brighter city!

Little Glitches

With songs crafted from a very deep soul and heartbreaking vocals, Little Glitches will warm up any cold heart that needs some kind of inspiration. With hints of Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear, this band will certainly make you appreciate earth toned sounds that resonate subtly under the surface. Luscious harmonies and beautiful acoustic guitar picking, Little Glitches are a joy and will certainly bring a little light into your life. Some tracks available for download and can be heard here…

So just a small but important selection of bands that will hopefully take 2010 by the horns. All unsigned but all certainly have the potential to be a success in the new year. Check them all out now and remember where you heard about them first.

Live4ever contributing blogger: Peter Cornish-Barlow, sourmashmusicreviews

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