Oasis Street Documentary Wins Top Honors

Liam Gallagher, NYC

Liam Gallagher, NYC,

The ‘Innovation Award’ at this years UK Music Video Awards was handed to ” Dig Out Your Soul in the Streets” last night.

Oasis hired directing pair “the Malloys” , famous for their White Stripes videos,   to direct the film which documents  street musicians learning unreleased Oasis songs with members Liam, Andy and Gem and then going out and performing them.  Noel was not available as he was still  nursing his broken ribs at the time after being pushed onto a speaker wedge by a drunk fan at the Virgin Festival Toronto.

The idea had come up to promote the release of  the Album ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ by having the buskers perform  throughout the City including MTA approved subway station platforms at Grand Central, Times Square, Penn Station and Astor Place, subtly premiering the songs  before their release.

Oasis’ label Big Brother simultaneously had a competition open to fans where sheet music of the new tracks was distributed via NME magazine. You were then invited to  send in your interpretation of the new songs via youTube video.

The Innovation Award recognises a “piece of work that extends the definition of the medium of music video, and the visual representation and promotion of music generally, through the most innovative and creative use of technology.”

Check out the winning entry below :

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