Julian Lennon Releases New Tribute Song to Lucy Vodden

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Drawing

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Drawing

Lucy Vodden who inspired the famous Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” has had a tribute song written for her by none other than Julian Lennon.

Vodden died last month after a long battle with lupus. James Scott Cook hooked up with Lennon for a duet and the two will forward all proceeds from the sale of “Lucy” to charities that research the disease.

Julian was originally brought on board by the song’s writer Cook to contribute on background vocals only, but producer Todd Meagher suggested that it be expanded to a real duet.

The pop rock tune is available as a digital download and fans can choose how much they would like to donate to charity with prices starting at $1.29.

The Guardian writes that Vodden met Julian Lennon, son of the Beatles’ John Lennon, at school in the mid-1960s. One day, four-year-old Julian came home from his lessons with a drawing of Lucy – in the sky with diamonds. Inspired by this picture, John Lennon wrote one of his most famous – and psychedelic – songs, and spent the next decade and a half denying Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds had anything to do with its hallucinogenic acronym, LSD.

Lennon recently discovered his old friend was ill with the autoimmune disease and reconnected with Vodden. Songwriter Cook has never met Lucy but was honoured to work for the good cause and bring attention to Lupus, not to mention “working with Julian Lennon was awesome.”

Lucy is Julian’s first release in a decade and like his upcoming sixth album, the single is released through theRevolution (sic).

The company focuses “on turning the MUSIC business into the MUSICIANS’ business,” according to a statement. You can check out the some what clumsy to navigate website here

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