Glasvegas Don’t Want To Win Mercury Prize



Despite being one of the favourites, Glasvegas frontman James Allen has revealed he would be happier if the Scottish band missed out on the prestigious Mercury Music Prize.

Speaking in today’s Daily Star newspaper, Allen said: “I keep hearing that Florence (Florence Welch of Florence & The Machine) wants us to win but I like the idea of the band being up for the award however would prefer it everyone got the same thing. If it’s recognising what a band have done then I feel a wee bit uncomfortable. I was never in a band and writing songs to be a winner above other people – it’s so subjective. The beauty is in the ear of the beholder.”

“If we win then there will be some people saying: ‘I fucking hate Glasvegas; somebody else should have won it’. If you win does it mean you’re better? Maybe my mum thinks that but not everybody else. I know I shouldn’t think about it too much but I feel uncomfortable.”

Also, guitarist Rab Allen told the newspaper who he thought would win: “I want, and think, The Invisible will win – they are such sweet guys.”

Florence & The Machine’s debut album ‘Lungs’ is the current favourite to win the prize, which will be handed out at a ceremony on September 8th.

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