Review: Biffy Clyro – That Golden Rule

Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro

After a year of relative quiet from Scottish rock trio Biffy Clyro following last summers stopgap single ‘Mountains’, Biffy’s new single ‘That Golden Rule’ spearheads their hugely anticipated fifth album, ‘Only Revolutions’, and it doesn’t disappoint.

The track sees Biffy consolidate the more accessible sound that was introduced with their previous album, ‘Puzzle’, but also expand upon it with the interwoven guitar textures and jaw dropping temporal shifts that stapled classic Biffy, making it equally nourishing for both the hardcore fan-base and the post-Puzzle community.

It sounds like two completely different bands locking horns in a fight to the death as the opening half of infectious choruses and intricate stoner-prog riffs give way to a godlike milieu of powerhouse drumming and orchestra interplay. But when it’s all over you know it’s unquestionably Biffy. Few other bands today are as creative as this and it’s great to see the boundaries of mainstream acceptability being toyed with like Biffy Clyro have done.

Front man Simon Neil described it as a fusion of Kyuss and Tool and he’s not far off where the manic assault of guitars are concerned, but the astonishing outro is no imitation: it’s something only Biffy themselves could have come up with as a labyrinth of strings and riffs taunt and tease the listener at the utter unpredictability of where it will go next, before finally halting when you least expect it. You’re left devastated and exhausted, but the innovation on display is something to be applauded. An absolutely solid comeback from Biffy Clyro, which has just about sent anticipation for the new album into overdrive.

Here’s their 2007 release “Puzzle”:

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