Ian Brown: “Reunions Are Only About The Money”

ian-browniiIan Brown has set his price for a Stone Roses reunion and it seems like a good deal , then again it’s quite doubtful it would ever happen at second glance.

Ian said that he would reform The Stone Roses only if he was reduced to “begging on the streets”.

Brown is scheduled to play on the Main Stage at this weekend’s Reading And Leeds Festivals explains he’s disheartened by bands who reunite simply to cash in on their former glories.

“Maybe if you see me begging on the streets you might find me doing The Stone Roses the next day,” he said. “We did it [formed a band] because we wanted to change the world, we didn’t do it because we wanted to be millionaires.”

Speaking to the NME Brown admitted that there were a couple of exceptions to the reunion rule.

“I was glad when the Sex Pistols got back because they never really got paid,” he explained. He added that he was also pleased The Specials together again.

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