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UK Newspaper “The Guardian” Apologizes to Liam Gallagher

Posted on 07 Aug 2009 at 10:37am

From the Guardian online:

Liam Gallagher – Apology

In an earlier article ‘Liam Gallagher storms out of Oasis gig’ published online on 22 July 2009 we wrongly suggested that Liam Gallagher walked out of an Oasis gig and did not return disrupting the set they were performing.

In fact Liam Gallagher only left the stage whilst his brother sang two songs as is normal during their performance and returned to continue the rest of the set.

We apologise to Liam Gallagher for this error.

Oasis had taken legal advice from top city law firm Carter Ruck after the story appeared today in a number of online publications, including The Guardian Online .

They all had falsely claimed that Liam Gallagher “stormed out of” an Oasis gig at the Roundhouse in London that night.

A spokesperson for the band commented, “The story that Liam left the gig is totally untrue. Liam put on one of the performances of his life last night, leaving the stage only for a few minutes during songs sung by his brother Noel as is always the case. The whole show was captured on film by ITV so fans will soon see the truth of this. It is very difficult to understand why supposedly respectable publications would publish such malicious and damaging claims.”

Here’s Liam with Oasis performing Slide Away at the Roundhouse for the iTunes Festival:

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