White Lies’ ‘Big TV’ wins Best Art Vinyl award for 2013

By Live4ever - Posted on 03 Jan 2014 at 8:34am

Michael Kagan’s oil painting Pilot 2, which was chosen by White Lies as the sleeve for their third studio album ‘Big TV‘, has won the Best Art Vinyl prize for 2013.

50 pieces of artwork were nominated at the end of last year for the award, and New York artist Kagan has said it was a ‘very exciting experience’ to have his work selected by White Lies. “The band was very sincere and I could tell immediately how connected they felt to the painting and how it was important for them to use it,” Kagan added.

Among the other album covers in the running were Queens Of The Stone Age for ‘…Like Clockwork‘, Paul McCartney‘s ‘New‘ and the Damien Hirst-designed ‘Sequel To The Prequel‘ by Babyshambles.

Commenting on the latest winner Andrew Heeps, founder of the Best Art Vinyl award, has reflected that it, ‘Was interesting to see that the public prefers such a traditional artistic technique as oil on canvas’.

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