Video: Tom Morello features in Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Just Like Fire Would’ promo

By Live4ever - Posted on 24 Jan 2014 at 7:17am

Bruce Springsteen has unveiled the official video for his ‘High Hopes‘ track ‘Just Like Fire Would‘ – check it out via the snapshot at the end of this article.

The video sees Tom Morello once again joining up with The Boss and the E Street Band; Morello played a big role in the creation of ‘High Hopes’ – which has gone number one on both sides of the Atlantic – as Springsteen has previously talked through:

“He became a filter that I ran my music through,” he told Rolling Stone at the end of last year. “He would send the songs back to me with a very current slant on them. He jolted those songs into the now.”

“He’s one of the few guitarists that creates a world by himself. It’s like the Edge or Pete Townshend or Johnny Marr. The E Street Band is a big house, but when Tom is onstage he builds another room.”

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