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By Live4ever - Posted on 06 Dec 2013 at 4:20am

Into December, and as the festive season rolls ever closer Live4ever’s 2013 Essential Listening series continues today with The Gigs.

As a regular fixture in the photo-pits across London during 2013, Live4ever’s Andy Crossland has witnessed a vast array of acts as the year has unfolded, taking in modern day legends, Mercury nominees, prog icons, art installations and plenty more along the way. And now, Andy talks us through 25 of the very best which have been collected together for you to revisit as we remember an outstanding year of live music in the capital. Find all the complete galleries by clicking on each individual picture.

Live4ever’s Essential Listening series is here to share, not preach! An interactive celebration of rock and roll where your favourites can contribute. Make sure your stand-out music gig of the year gets a deserved mention by leaving a comment below.

25: Exit Calm @ Hoxton Bar and Kitchen (25/09)

“This gig stands out because I went to it having only heard a couple of tunes, and was totally blown away. They get likened to early Verve, but they certainly don’t stand in their shadow. Should be playing bigger venues for sure.”

24: Temples @ Electric Ballroom (15/11)

“Temples are definitely ones to watch, and the fact that they had sold out the Electric Ballroom is proof of the size of their fanbase already. Once they have the album out in February, things will get mental for them.”

23: Half Moon Run @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire (18/11)

“Half Moon Run have a massive following, but somehow have managed to stay just under radar this side of the Atlantic. They have a really good set of tunes on ‘Dark Eyes’ too. Definitely worth going to see live.”

22: The Undertones @ KOKO (24/05)

“I remember two things about this gig (three if you include the place going crazy for ‘Teenage Kicks’). A lot of beer finding itself airborne is one, and a lot of late-forty-something blokes jumping around. I could have been back in the 70’s except for the lack of spitting. Loved it!”

21: Gary Numan @ The Roundhouse (16/11)

“What stood out about this gig was Gary Numan’s music IS timeless. He is still the master of the sound that he created, and he is still pushing boundaries with it in latest offering ‘Splinter’. He was jumping around with all the energy of a bloke half his age. Just awesome.”

20: The View @ Islington Academy (07/06)

“Being a club night The View didn’t come on until just gone midnight, which is probably the right time for them because everyone had had a few and and let loose. Kyle Falconer is always full of energy, and knows what his generation is about. He can relate with them, and them to him and the rest of the band. Always fun to shoot.”

19: Imagine Dragons @ Brixton Academy (26/11)

“Anyone who can sell out the Brixton Academy on three consecutive nights is obviously doing things right, and although I’m not the biggest Imagine Dragons fan, I could see why they have such mass appeal. They have this big sound that makes you want to move. They can only get bigger.”

18: The Orwells @ Madame Jojos (10/09)

“I love The Orwells, and i love Madame Jojos, but I did wonder at the time if they should have played a different venue as the Jojos stage is so small. However, from an intimacy perspective, this was probably the ideal environment for band and audience to get to know each other.”

17: San Cisco @ The Sebright Arms (20/08)

“San Cisco are very well know for covering a certain successful dance tune by a very well known electronic outfit, but they also have a very good setlist of their own to justify their position. The Sebright is tiny and great for getting up close to bands. Steve Lamacq was also in attendance, which speaks for itself.”

16: Treetop Flyers @ Islington Assembly Hall (13/11)

“Treetop flyers are a joy to listen to. Simple. Great harmonies and beautiful arrangements. Very tight live. It’s obvious the band appreciate the support they receive, and they deserve it. I’ll be wanting to shoot these guys again when the next swing by.”

15: TOY @ Scala (12/02)

“Like all gigs at the Scala the sound was really good and you become part of the show – this played to TOY’s advantage as they have a big driving guitar sound. ‘Motoring’ stands out as a top moment for me.”

14: Tall Ships @ Scala (07/03)

“Another Scala gig. I’ve known about Tall Ships for a while, and they have a very loyal following. They were great this night, with ‘T=0’ and ‘Gallop’ sounding particularly good.”

13: The Jim Jones Revue @ Electric Brixton (23/10)

“If you like dirty, raucous guitars then it’s definitely worth checking out the Jim Jones Revue. The venue was packed and everyone was well up for it. Definitely a band that likes to give a performance.”

12: Gaz Coombes @ Union Chapel (21/11)

“Gaz Coombes’ little tour of churches played really well with the record he has out at the moment. He’s got this amazingly unique voice, and that coupled with the fact that the set had been stripped back to just a few instruments, showed just how beautiful some of the older Supergrass tunes are too. There is something special about drinking a cup of tea, sat on a pew in a church whilst watching Gaz Coombes.”

11: They Might Be Giants @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire (19/11)

“This was a great night, and not only because myself and the other photographers got pulled up on stage. Not even because they played that ‘birdhouse’ song either. Thoroughly good clean honest fun.”

10: Willard Grant Conspiracy @ Bush Hall (18/10)

“I went to this gig having only heard a few tunes by Willard Grant Conspiracy and left totally gob-smacked and converted. Just down right beautiful from start to finish. Bush Hall is a gem of a venue too.”

9: Hawkwind @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire (24/08)

“Another gig that blew me away. I am a Hawkwind fan anyway so knew what to expect, and the thought that goes into their live production is fantastic. Sonically they’re spot on. They can go on and on as long as they want to. ‘Golden Void’ and the sax solo in particular will stay with me for a long time.”

8: The Boxer Rebellion @ The Forum (11/10)

“A favourite of mine and Live4ever, The Boxer Rebellion played a hometown gig for the first time in what felt like ages. The Forum was perfect for them and they didn’t disappoint. They did seem to speed through the set, but that’s probably because I enjoyed it so much. Technically difficult to shoot though because of all the back lighting, but still…”

7: Bloc Party @ Earls Court (22/02)

“Bloc Party at Earls Court was the biggest gig I had shot up until that point. By the time they came on people were foaming at the mouth almost! You could cut the tension with a knife. Great lighting. Real party atmosphere.”

6: Travis @ The Roundhouse (24/10)

“This was a really, really good gig. Fran & co were on especially top form and it’s difficult not to like them. The latest record has some great tunes on it and it was well represented during the show. The set also featured all the classics from their previous albums. ‘Where You Stand’ – a highlight for me – allowed Fran to jump into the pit and walk up and down the barrier. Long live Travis!”

5: Ocean Colour Scene @ Electric Ballroom (26/02)

“Ocean Colour Scene sound as great now as they did in the 90s, and they have a barrage of quality tunes to throw at you. Like all of the gigs in my top 10, the audience plays a large part in creating the atmosphere, and they sang their heads off. ‘Robin Hood’ stands out for me, especially the outro. There is something special about Simon Fuller singing a few lines from ‘Live Forever’ and a thousand people joining in.”

4: Liam Fray @ Scala (26/09)

“Liam Fray at the Scala. Equally as good as a full band show, except with a different dynamic. Somehow, Liam’s words cut just that little bit deeper, take on more of a meaning, and grip just that little bit tighter. Thats’ the beauty of Liam with an acoustic guitar, Payney on keys, and 1,100 people singing their hearts out in what feels like your front room.”

3: Stereophonics @ The O2 Arena (28/11)

“The Stereophonics are one of those bands that have put out so many classic albums that when it comes to choosing a setlist they have to worry more about what they leave off than stick on. This show was the last date of the tour, but you’d never have known it. Kelly Jones belted out hit after hit, and the 20,000 strong crowd lapped it up. One of the biggest gigs I’ve shot to date.”

2: Johnny Marr @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire (15/03)

“Marr in the flesh has an aura about him. He’s hitting with his latest tunes, yet you’re just in awe of everything that he’s ever put on record. Then he hits with another new tune that already sounds like a classic and you’re happily back in the present. You know what you’re going to get at a Johnny Marr gig, and that’s no bad thing! This gig was tricky to shoot as there was about thirty photographers there” Top crowd too.”

1: The Courteeners @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire (03/12)

“Two thousand people, twenty songs, five lads and a smoke bomb. Things don’t get much better than that! Liam needn’t have bothered singing a word as the entire crowd sung every note back at him. They never let you down and it makes you not want to let them down either.”

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  1. mimmihopps

    Great photos.. I completely agree about Temples. I’ve seen them twice this year. (Eurosonic in Groningen in January and at Ekko in Utrecht  in November) 
    Actually I”ve seen James (the front man of the band) when he was still playing with The Moons before. Being a huge Weller fan, I’ve seen Andy Croft (the front man of The Moons) with Weller many times since 2008, but I must admit that Temples are on the different level than The Moons.
    Temples are really something.

    Saw The Courteeners in the upstairs hall of Paradiso in April. The venue was filled with 99% British people and it was pretty insane. A lot of beers were thrown during the gig.

    I had my ticket for Travis in Paradiso last week, but it was cancelled due to Fran’s voice problem.  I also saw The View in October.

    I got my ticket for Beady Eye in Paradiso in February and The Strypes in April.

    It’ll be gonna a great gig year next year too.


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