Tom Odell: Playing on the same bill as The Rolling Stones at Hyde Park is ‘terrifying’

By Live4ever - Posted on 10 Jul 2013 at 6:24am

Tom Odell admits the thought of playing to 65,000 people at Hyde Park this weekend – when he acts as the main support for The Rolling Stones‘ second British Summer Time festival appearance – is ‘terrifying’.

“It is completely terrifying because it’s 65,000 people, but I’m looking forward to it,” he tells the Daily Star. “In my wildest dreams I wouldn’t have believed I could support them.”

During the chat, Odell also stuck up for himself and other pianists down the years, saying the instrument is ‘just as rock n roll’ as the guitar.

“I think the piano is just as rock ‘n’ roll,” Odell remarks. “You look back to Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles,  Elton in his early days, Billy Joel, those guys were fucking cool – the way they played the piano and the amount you can do with the piano. I stand up now and give it hell.”

“People relate to the guitar easier than the piano so I had to learn to deal with the stigma. A lot of venues don’t have pianos so you end up playing some rubbish little keyboard that sounds like one.”

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  1. hello

    Jake Bugg performs there, too. I bet he will slag off Tom after the concert…

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