The Feeling include The Beatles, David Bowie on ‘Best Of British’ medley, but omit The Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols

By Live4ever - Posted on 12 Jul 2013 at 4:25am

The Feeling have been asked to put together a 12-minute medley showcasing the best of the last six decades of British pop.

Making the cut are the likes of The Beatles, David Bowie and The Kinks but frontman Dan Gillespie Sells couldn’t find a place for The Rolling Stones or Oasis, and didn’t include the Sex Pistols for fear of upsetting Her Maj.

“We had to leave out the Rolling Stones and we chose Blur over Oasis because they were the band who most influenced us,” Danny says. “We could have chosen from a million songs but we went for artists we liked and tried to cover all the bases inside 12 minutes. We didn’t want the medley to be too quickfire either, we restricted it to seven songs.”

“We couldn’t have the Sex Pistols’ God Save The Queen. I’d have liked to do an Elvis Costello song but it would have been too political,” he added. “We had to send the set-list to the Palace for approval but that’s fair enough – the event is in her house.”

The medley is a part of a ‘Best Of British’ four-day festival opening up to the public on the grounds of Buckingham Palace today.

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