New Order preparing EP for release

By Live4ever - Posted on 28 Jun 2013 at 4:22am

New Order are hoping to release an EP later this year in a bid to avoid the long waiting times for new material which have been an ongoing feature of the band’s career.

“We’re waiting on Bernard’s lyrics,” keyboard player Gillian Gilbert remarks. “But it’s been sunny this week, so he can’t possibly write when it’s sunny, but we want to do things now. We don’t want to be like the old New Order and keep everyone waiting for years, we want to be the new New Order. We’ve been writing in short bursts, so we’ll just work on four songs at a time instead of waiting another two years to finish an album.”

Gilbert also suggested New Order’s reunion is likely to continue as the plans which initially only included a couple of benefit gigs in 2011 continue to evolve.

“We did one year, and then another, and now we’re writing and planning to release more music next year,” she continues. “It’ll come to an end one day, but we don’t know when. You can never tell with New Order. Just when you think the band is coming to an end, it takes off again.”

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