The Who’s Roger Daltrey becomes first ever BIMM Group patron

By Live4ever - Posted on 15 Mar 2013 at 9:36am

Who frontman Roger Daltrey has been announced as the first ever patron of the BIMM Brighton group, which offers over 2,000 students various music-related courses and qualifications.

“I am delighted to be a patron for BIMM Brighton,” Daltrey has said. “BIMM is a fantastic platform for talented young musicians who are given the opportunity to thrive and grow within the music industry. I am very happy to support new music in the UK and BIMM is helping to develop and nurture future talent organically and successfully.”

The BIMM Group offers courses such as songwriting, tour management, music production and music event management. Past alumni include Tom Odell, who was the winner of this year’s Brits Critics’ Choice award.

“Roger Daltrey and The Who were inspirational to me as a kid and were one of the key reasons why music was the only career for me,” BIMM Group director Tony Wadsworth remarks. “Almost 40 years later, after spending my life in the music industry , it is an honour for me that we are both linked with an organisation for which Roger Daltrey has agreed to be Patron ,and where his inspiration and influence shines as brightly as it ever did.”

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