Noel Gallagher full of praise for David Bowie comeback


Noel Gallagher (Photo: Live4ever Media)

Noel Gallagher has paid homage to David Bowie‘s single ‘Where Are We Now?‘, and has said the nature of Bowie’s comeback proves that ‘reunions are fucking shite’.

“It’s great to hear his voice singing something new,” Gallagher tells NME.  “The more you hear ‘Where Are We Now?’ the better it gets. The video’s mad – like his fucking cat directed it.”

Continuing, Gallagher claims the huge publicity and interest generated by Bowie’s sudden return to the music fold – announced last January without any prior warning – proves that a focus on the future and new material is the right way to go for musicians.

“What it proved to me is that reunions are fucking shite,” he adds. “If you had turned on the news and it had said, ‘David Bowie is to do a fucking series of concerts next year,’ everyone would have gone, ‘Oh great, can’t wait, that’s it, let’s talk about something else’.”

“But we’re still talking about that song. New music and records rule, but reunions for gigs are shit.”

Noel Gallagher makes his first live UK outing of 2013 tonight (March 6th) at Wembley Arena as part of a special charity concert organised by Russell Brand in support of this year’s Comic Relief.

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