Foals ‘bored’ of veteran festival headliners such as The Stone Roses

By Live4ever - Posted on 20 Mar 2013 at 10:49am

After his band was confirmed as headliners for this year’s Latitude event, Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis has told the Daily Star he is ‘bored’ of festival line-ups which are often dominated by well established, veteran acts.

“There’s a big problem with old bands who always occupy the top slots at festivals,” he has told the Daily Star. “More heritage names reform every year, which only makes it worse. It really limits bands of our generation. We don’t get a fair chance to headline, because the slots are reserved for the same old names.”

Continuing, Philippakis says the bookings of bands such as the Stone Roses merely offers a generation of music fans the opportunity to relive their youth, and does nothing to reflect the modern scene.

“You get people in their late 30s going to festivals, in their dungarees with a couple of kids, wanting to relive their adolescence, pretending they’re baggy again by watching The Stone Roses,” he adds. “They aren’t in touch with what’s going on now. I’m bored of seeing some dude from the ’90s headline, it means nothing to me.”

Foals headline Latitude along side Kraftwerk and Bloc Party.

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  1. redmenace

    Nah, the reason bands like your’s ‘don’t get any chances’ is because bands like The Stone Roses are much better than you… The Roses drummer is more talented than your whole band put together…. Bored, are you? Then why don’t you try and get to the level The Roses have got to, and grab yourself as many fans as they have? Fat chance, you little middle class prick!

  2. Matthew

    The problem is Yannis, as the previous post put it succinctly, bands like yours just aren’t good enough. I don’t doubt there are modern and magnificent live acts that could headline festivals, but you have to steer away from the usual dull indie that seems prevalent amongst hipsters tastes these days. Alternative acts like Sigur Ros come to mind as ones who could do a great job, but the likes of Foals and Bloc Party? I apologise but they are just too dull to hold anyones attentions, especially as a headliner.


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