Editors have written ‘big, dumb rock record’

By Live4ever - Posted on 14 Mar 2013 at 8:04am

Editors frontman Tom Smith has described their impending fourth album as a ‘big, dumb rock record’ and confirmed the band plan on playing new material on the festival circuit this summer.

“It’s the last week of recording so we start mixing next week,” the singer told XFM’s Jon Hillcock. “I think the plan is the album is going to be out very early July. So by the time Reading and Leeds comes around hopefully it’ll be out there, it’ll be public.”

Later, Smith explained how recording in Nashville had encouraged the band to return to a more guitar-led sound when compared to their previous LP ‘In This Light and On This Evening‘ – a release which struggled to replicate the band’s previous critical and commercial successes.

“This ones got a lot of guitars,” he continued. “It’s a rock record. Its a big dumb rock record.”

The new album will be Editors’ first without former guitarist Chris Urbanowicz, who departed in April 2012.

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