Metallica recruit Red Hot Chili Peppers for second Orion Festival

By Live4ever - Posted on 25 Feb 2013 at 9:47am

Metallica have signed up the Red Hot Chili Peppers to headline the second edition of their Orion Festival, which will be held this year over the weekend of June 8th–9th at Belle Island in Detroit, Michigan.

For 2012, Metallica headlined both nights of their event after recruiting the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, Titus Andronicus, The Gaslight Anthem and Modest Mouse, but will this time around share the bill-topping role with the Chilis.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, drummer Lars Ulrich has said they may also break from last year’s happenings by not playing one of their albums in its entirety. “It’s the 30th anniversary of ‘Kill ‘Em All’, so that would be an option, and it’s also the 25th anniversary of ‘…And Justice For All’ – but if you’re in a band for three decades, you can find an anniversary for anything,” he said.

“We haven’t made a decision, but if I was a betting man, I’d guess that us getting stuck playing an album in its entirety isn’t going to happen.” Ulrich also said not to expect any new material from the band’s upcoming releases.”

Tickets are onsale from Friday, March 1st. More details can be found at the festival’s official website.

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