Lindsey Buckingham discusses possible new Fleetwood Mac album

By Live4ever - Posted on 02 Feb 2013 at 7:03am

Lindsey Buckingham has been discussing the possibilty of Fleetwood Mac‘s return also including a new album, and revealed a few tracks have been recorded by the band.

“When Stevie was on the road, and not long after her mum had passed away, Mick, John and I got together and we cut a bunch of tracks, and they turned out great,” Buckingham told Rolling Stone.

“The songs were all done in Stevie’s keys. They were done with her in mind. Subsequently, Stevie and I have gotten together, and she’s sung on two of those.”

“There’s also another track that dates back to ‘Buckingham Nicks’ that Stevie and I built up from scratch. There’s a lot of stuff there. Some of this we will do in the show. We’re not pushing it. We’re just going to wait and see what everybody wants to hear.”

Fleetwood Mac are due to begin an extensive tour of North America in April, after which they are expected to play live dates in the UK in September.

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