Johnny Marr: ‘Life doesn’t need a Smiths reunion’

By Live4ever - Posted on 25 Feb 2013 at 3:24am

Johnny Marr has been reflecting once again on the subject of a Smiths reunion, and has said ‘life doesn’t need’ a return for the band.

In an era of big money returns for many veteran bands The Smiths, along with The Jam, remain one of the last to as yet resist the lure of lucrative reunion tours and festival appearances, although their former drummer Mike Joyce recently admitted he still ‘dreams’ of the day when he might share a stage with Morrissey, Marr and Andy Rourke once again.

However, Marr continues to be far less enthused with the idea, and has told that the band have already had a happy ending as he is still at peace with his decision to leave in 1987.

“Fans hope there will be some big happy ending,” he said. “The fact is, there is a happy ending – I’m happy. It’s all cool. It’s slightly difficult when people assume that your life will be complete, or everybody’s life will be complete, if this band from 25 years ago reforms. Life doesn’t need that to happen to be okay.”

Of more immediate concern to Marr is his debut solo album ‘The Messenger‘, which finally gets its release today (February 25th).

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