David Bowie, Iggy Pop biopic in the works

By Live4ever - Posted on 07 Feb 2013 at 4:49am

A new biopic telling the story of how a strong friendship between David Bowie and Iggy Pop was cemented in mid-70s Germany as the pair recorded a series of classic solo albums is in production, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Gabriel Strange, who has directed films such as Death of a President and more recently I Am Slave, is apparently assigned to the project which is being produced by Altered Image and Egoli Tossell Film.

The movie is entitled Lust for Life, and focuses on the period between 1976-78 when Iggy Pop relocated to Germany after the break-up of The Stooges to work on the celebrated solo records ‘The Idiot‘ and ‘Lust For Life‘ – both released in ’77 and both featuring eminent contributions from David Bowie.

At the same time, Bowie was beginning his revered Berlin Trilogy period with ‘Low‘, a record which was followed later in 1977 by ‘Heroes‘ and by ‘Lodger‘ just under two years on.

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