The Beatles, Queen, Oasis among bands Britons are ‘most proud of’

By Live4ever - Posted on 15 Jan 2013 at 6:00am

The Beatles, Queen and Oasis are among the bands the British public ‘are most proud of’ according to a survey conducted by the home broadband provider Plusnet.

71% of those surveyed regarded the two legendary bands as a credit to the country, with recent chart sensation Adele in third place, and Pink Floyd and Oasis completing the top 5 with a 46% and 32% share of the vote respectively.

“With pride being at the centre everything we do and music being one of the most popular things streamed and downloaded on our award-winning broadband we thought it would be interesting to see which artists the country took pride in,” Plusnet CEO Jamie Ford has commented.

“It’s fascinating to see that it’s the bands that have been successful over a period of time, rather than the most contemporary artists, which have topped the poll.”

In addition, 64% of those surveyed declared themselves proud of Britain’s long popular music heritage.

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