Peter Hook: New Order reunion about money not music

By Live4ever - Posted on 29 Jan 2013 at 10:18am

Ex-New Order bass player Peter Hook has elaborated on the feud which has been playing out between himself and his former bandmates since Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert reformed the band back in September 2011.

Hook has told Billboard the arguing between the two parties is down to ‘the business side’ of things and is ‘nothing to do’ with him allegedly trying to prevent them from touring in his absence.

“Obviously, they are unified in their hatred of me and their desire to belittle,” he continued. “I’m actually quite flattered that they still feel the need to do it when they’ve toured the world for a year as New Order, earned a shitload of money, and yet they still feel the need to let everybody know what a bastard I am. I’ll have to take it as a compliment that I have got up their noses so much.”

Bernard Sumner spoke last year of the band’s intention to record a new album in the near future, but Hook has claimed the comeback is purely about money, and not because of the music.

“It’s more about financial stability than it is about music,” he says. “The thing that I dislike about them most is the way that they just keep playing the greatest hits all the time. That was one of the things that I hated when I was there – when we were actually New Order, as opposed to a New Order tribute band, which is what I feel that they are now. They are as much New Order as I am Joy Division. In a funny way, now that I’m New Order, they are as much New Order as I am New Order. “

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