Noel Gallagher reveals he has tinnitus

By Live4ever - Posted on 30 Jan 2013 at 3:02am

Noel Gallagher (Photo: Live4ever Media)

Noel Gallagher has revealed he visited hospital recently as he suspects he is suffering with tinnitus.

The condition has most famously affected The Who‘s Pete Townshend, who has taken time out from touring during the past few years after coping with the problem for decades.

And quoted in The Sun newspaper today after speaking to Andy Goldstein on Talksport recently, Noel Gallagher has regaled his own tinnitus battles after a career with Oasis which saw them build up a reputation as one of the loudest live bands around.

“I went for a brain scan,” Gallagher reveals. “I’ve got bizarre ringing in my ears. I think it’s just through playing guitar for the last 20 years so I had to sit in a tube in the hospital.”

“It’s an accumulation of many things but I’ve had a bloody great time doing it all and if I do eventually die of brain disease it will have been worth it.

“The funny thing is they give you these headphones and I chose classical music. It came on and it was the exact music I play to my little kid when he goes to bed. I was in there for 25 minutes.”

“It was horrible. I know what the results will be — ‘There is nothing wrong with you’. It’s another way of fleecing money out of you.”

Noel Gallagher’s next live engagement is scheduled to be at the Teenage Cancer Trust concerts in March, an event he has curated for one year only. They are currently his only confirmed commitments for 2013.

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