‘Nirvana wouldn’t get a record deal today,’ claims Ryan Jarman

By Live4ever - Posted on 02 Jan 2013 at 3:55am

The Cribs (Photo: Andy Crossland for Live4ever Media)

The CribsRyan Jarman has said the change in listening habits amongst music buyers during the past decade means bands such as Nirvana would now struggle to get a record deal.

Speaking to Bang! Showbiz recently, Jarman said the disposable nature and fast changing trends of the music industry means bands in the past who were able to make a gradual transition from underground to mainstream would now struggle to do so.

“Bands like Nirvana, Sonic Youth, the bands that come up from the underground and cross over, the problem is there’s no time to do that now,” he claimed.

“Even with underground bands, if people like them, they totally get over exposed really quickly, then people move on to the next thing. That’s my only concern; that bands can’t come up through those channels anymore.”

“It’s about the single now, but I think people have got a shorter attention span now, the single, to us, is usually the one we are least interested in. The stuff you put on the album, that’s the most satisfying stuff. So, it would a real be a shame if it went that way.”

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