Jake Bugg: ‘Girls will grow up and forget One Direction’

By Live4ever - Posted on 31 Jan 2013 at 9:57am

Jake Bugg (Photo: Live4ever Media)

Jake Bugg has dismissed One Direction as a pop group who ‘the young girls will grow up and forget about’.

Bugg discussed the current merits of pop music during a chat with Q, when he said he is only concerned with songs and artists which will still be remembered in 50 years’ time.

“I don’t care about the word ‘pop’,” he said. “The Beatles were pop, it’s just what’s popular. But sadly what’s popular today is most manufactured and commercial and all about fame and looks and boy bands. It’s not on.”

“One Direction? The young girls will grow up and forget about ’em. “There’s only one direction they’ll be going after that, isn’t there? Down. I’m interested in which songs, artists, will be remembered in 50 years’ time.”

Jake Bugg has defied the commercial struggles currently being experienced by many traditional guitar-driven acts, and scored a number one in the UK with his debut album in October last year.

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  1. Ling

    Have heard of the group but who is this guy?  Seriously.  Should start w himself first LOL!

  2. Emma

    I have to respectfully dissagree with this Jake guy, why? Because I’m 22 and not ashamed to admit I like 1D, not to the point of crying over them, but I have the albums and think they are good, not great, nor amazing but good, fun to listen to and nice to look at, manufactured or not those bands have an impact, the back street boys are an example, 15 years latter, people still talk about them.. Just what I think

  3. Mike

    Oh look folks, another music snob artist who’s trying to hard to be Liam Gallagher. 

  4. hello

    Why did the media make such a big thing out of this? A 19 year old guy dislikes a boygroup – that’s the most normal thing in the world!


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