Black Rebel Motorcycle Club release free download ‘Let The Day Begin’

By Live4ever - Posted on 22 Jan 2013 at 10:58am

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have made the first single from their impending ‘Specter At The Feast‘ album available as a free download – please explore the widget below.

The track sees Black Rebel Motorcycle Club putting their own stamp on The Call‘s ‘Let The Day Begin‘, and pays tribute to the late Michael Been; father of guitarist Robert Levon Been and long regarded as their ‘honorary fourth member’. Michael Been sadly died in August last year.

Specter At The Feast‘ has previously been described as staying true to BRMC’s familiar ‘fuzzy guitars, blues licks and atmospheric feedback’ formula – something very much in evidence on the new cover – while also paying more attention to the traditional record producing methods employed by the likes of Pink Floyd.

“We always were fans of Pink Floyd and Spiritualized records,” Robert Been has said. “As far as real albums where we wanted to attempt to take people on a ride and have songs crossfade and reach over and different tricks we’d always wanted to do, it was kind of fun to get to play around with that.”

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