Video: Sex Pistols premiere ‘Holidays In The Sun’ promo…35 years on

By Live4ever - Posted on 18 Sep 2012 at 8:28am

The Sex Pistols have premiered an official promo for their classic track ‘Holidays In The Sun‘ (below) – 35 years on from its original release.

The song, which opens the punk legends’ soon-to-be-remastered album ‘Never Mind The Bollocks…’, has been edited by their regular collaborator Julien Temple, who built the video from previously unreleased footage which is to feature on the limited edition, super deluxe box-set version of the reissued LP.

The single was first released in October 1977, and is lyrically built around John Lydon‘s experiences in Berlin when the Pistols decamped there earlier that year as the media frenzy around the group escalated in the wake of their sacking by A&M Records.

“Berlin was a very different town then,” Lydon remembers. “It was like that scene in Apocalypse Now when they go up the river and they see the flares and the party going on, all the soldiers on acid… That’s what Berlin was like, with a chaotic war-zone wrapped around it. The Communists were looking in on this adventure playground. Quite mental.”

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