Live4ever’s 2012 SXSW party preview: Scoundrels

By Live4ever - Posted on 05 Mar 2012 at 7:35am

Who: George Elliot, Alex ‘Billy’ Hill, Joshua Martens, Ned Wyndham

Where: London, UK

When: ND at 501 Studios, March 15th. 1:45pm sharp.

Why: What better helping hand could a quartet of London college friends – chasing a dream sound of uniquely British, southern-State inspired blues – be afforded than to have a US music veteran, immersed in the country’s legendary gospel and soul community, inviting you out to South Louisiana on the strength of just one demo tape? That’s exactly what happened to Scoundrels, who found Sire Records mogul Seymour Stein beckoning them to the Pelican State where they would live on a houseboat, take in local bands, and generally immerse themselves in an unenviable culture from which the ‘Sniff It Up’ EP and self-titled debut would emerge last year.

Check out the full details and line-up of Live4ever Media’s Two Finger Salute II unofficial SXSW 2012 day party here.

Eventbrite - Live4ever Media Presents "Two Finger Salute II" unofficial Day Party

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