Paul McCartney: ‘Was I really in The Beatles?’

By Live4ever - Posted on 06 Feb 2012 at 10:18am

Paul McCartney (Photo: Live4ever Media)

Yes you were, Paul (Photo: Live4ever Media)

Sir Paul McCartney has admitted to still feeling ‘a sense of wonder’ when he looks back on his time with The Beatles, and has to ask himself if he was ‘really there’.

“I’m lucky that I’ve always retained a sense of wonder,” he told Metro when asked about his former band. “I was looking at the George Harrison book accompanying Martin Scorsese’s Living In The Material World recently and opened it at a picture George had taken of me and the other guys on an aeroplane.”

“It took me right back; I was like: ‘Was I really there, in The Beatles? Bloody hell!’ It’s obviously a stupid thought but I’m glad I haven’t got used to it yet.”

Paul McCartney’s latest studio album, ‘Kisses On The Bottom‘, which primarily features covers of tracks which inspired him as a child, is released today (February 6th). The record also contains two original McCartney compositions.

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