Interview: Reunited Space Return To Liverpool For Christmas


Liverpool band Space are to perform in their beloved city this Christmas for a one-off gig. The band’s frontmen and sparring partners Tommy, Jamie and Franny – who split in 2005 – have announced they will play the Liverpool 02 Academy on December 22nd for what’s sure to be a special night. Tommy and Jamie spoke to Carl Stanley:

Space are back for a Christmas show after splitting in 2005, though the group came and went throughout the Nineties didn’t they? So after six years what’s been the impetus for getting back together again?

Jamie: The reason for us getting back together really, is that after we all met up again at Andy’s funeral (our old drummer who died in 2009) it broke the ice with me and Tommy and Franny. We hadn’t really talked in years, and I was still bitter over the way I was treated when I supposedly ‘left’ the band in 2002. But Andy’s funeral sort of put things into perspective and I realised life’s too short to hold grudges, especially with people with whom you share so much. After that we all became mates again and started to speak regularly and going to each other’s gigs. Then one day out the blue a few weeks ago I got a call from Tommy asking for a meeting, and that’s when he hit us with it – he had been doing Space songs in the Red Scare and he had written some new songs which were worthy of the Space name and he wanted to give it another shot.

Tommy:  We all met at Andy Parle’s funeral and talked about doing a reunion one day. I later played the Chester Rocks festival last July with my band The Red Scare and we played a few Space songs and I thought ‘you know it would be good to play these with Franny and Jamie.’

Actually it’s a great time to play again as there’s a lot of love and interest still for the bands of the early-to-mid Nineties right now, mainly with the Roses getting back together, does it feel like that to you?

Jamie: Yeah definitely, I went to the Cast reunion shows at the O2 Academy and it brought a lot of good memories flooding back!

Tommy: Yeah great night, loads of old friends and fans coming – sold out.

What’ve you been up to since 2005 Tommy? Still writing and playing?

Jamie: Me and Franny had a band called Dust, which I absolutely love and we were playing up until about a year ago. After that I sort of fell out of love with music and the music business so I decided to retire from it altogether and concentrate on building my company up. To be honest I would have never gone back to being in a band again if it wasn’t for this reunion, but I’ve found my love for it again now so I think I’m hooked again!

Tommy: I’ve Been in a punk band (The Drellas) and a rock-a-billy band (The Red Scare).

One of the most startling things I read on the press release was Jamie saying, “I’m made up Space are back together because I was heading for a lengthy prison sentence the way I was going on! So once again Space have saved the day.”

Jamie: (laughs) Well yeah. I actually did a stint in Walton nick in 2007, but I’m not ashamed to say it, that my background and certain friends of mine sort of do what we do to make a living. But that’s all I’m prepared to say on that subject!

Tommy: He’s not out of the the woods yet!

Have you all stayed in contact over the years when not in the band? Is it easy being together again?

Jamie: We never talked for a long time, but yeah now we are back together it feels good…for now!

Tommy: As I said earlier we met at Andy’s funeral and  hadn’t met before all together, because we were all doing our own things.

We mostly remember the band for ‘Neighbourhood’ & ‘…Species’, but later came an alternative to that with ‘Tin Planet’, so what material will you be covering for the Christmas show?

Jamie: We are doing most of our first album (‘Spiders’) and our second album (‘Tin Planet’) and a few cool b-sides from the singles, and also some songs off the new album.

Tommy: Most of the singles and some album tracks from ‘Spiders’ and ‘Tin Planet’ along with tracks from the new album.

What are your favourites to play from the back catalogue  and why?

Jamie: Ah man, I love playing them all! But if push came to shove I’d have to say ‘1 O’Clock’ (one of mine off ‘Tin Planet’).

Tommy: ‘Spiders’ – it was a b-side, goes down great live.

So it’s all set for a great night on the 22nd, then maybe record new material?

Jamie: Yeah the gig is going to be amazing. It’s on my birthday as well so it’s extra special for me. Although it’s not a one off gig, we will be touring next year with a new album. At first I was a bit reluctant as I have got my own business and stuff now, but at the end of the day it was just something I couldn’t refuse. To be able to revisit a time in your life that was so fucking amazing is a no-brainer really!

Tommy: Most definitely, already planning it.

And how about next year, any more gigs on the horizon?

Tommy: Most definitely, already planning it…

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