Pete Doherty Dedicates Final Gig ‘In a Long Time’ To Amy Winehouse

By Live4ever - Posted on 26 Sep 2011 at 9:47am

Pete Doherty airs new song for Amy Winehouse (Photo: Joanne Ostrowski / Live4ever)

Pete Doherty (Photo: Joanne Ostrowski / Live4ever)

Pete Doherty debuted a new track written for Amy Winehouse at a Brixton Academy appearance last Friday, a gig he has said will be his final performance for a ‘long time’.

Doherty, a close friend of Amy Winehouse, also dedicated the show to the singer, who died in July, before unveiling the new song.

“This will be the last gig in a long time because we need to go and get some new things together so this is it for a while,” he said.

“I want to dedicate this show to the memory of Robin Whitehead and Amy Winehouse, two good friends of mine. Here’s a song I wrote for Amy.”

Doherty has been very candid about his struggle to come to terms with the death of Winehouse, and told The People newspaper last month that he was “…struggling with everything because I’m so bewildered about what happened to Amy.”

“I was in bed when I heard the news of her death. Someone had to wake me up to tell me. I couldn’t take it in and still can’t. Coming to terms with what has happened is almost impossible. It’s hard to think she’s not with us anymore.”

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