‘Gorillaz Have Split’ According To UK Tabloid

By Live4ever - Posted on 07 Feb 2011 at 4:37pm

Damon Albarn‘s hugely successful project Gorillaz could be over if weekend reports in the UK’s People newspaper are to be believed.

With rumours abound that the band, led musically by Albarn and artistically by Jamie Hewlett, would end its run after the conclusion of a recent world tour, the paper is now claiming a ‘massive argument’ between the pair has all but cemented the end of the group which was launched back in 2001 with the hit single ‘Clint Eastwood‘. The tabloid paper goes on to insist the argument ‘basically ended things’ for Gorillaz and cites Hewlett’s frustration with Albarn’s many other projects as another reason for the apparent demise.

Originally created by Albarn and Hewlett in 1998, Gorillaz have successfully blended both rock and hip-hop to create three acclaimed studio albums, and have enjoyed many cameos by leading artists from the two musical worlds, including Shaun Ryder, De La Soul, Lou Reed and Snoop Dog.

Their final issue to date, ‘The Fall‘, described as an ‘iPad album’, was released on Christmas Day 2010.

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