Review: Des Roar @ Varvatos, NYC

By Live4ever - Posted on 18 Jun 2010 at 10:00am

Having closed it’s doors in ’06, CBGB’s has had a few tenants. Current owner of the lease is iconic fashion designer John Varvatos, who has kept the place pretty much as it was and in keeping with it’s musical roots. So much so in a genius move, he cleared the deck of his flagship store and turned it into its former glory, a music venue.

des-roarOn a hot Thursday night the venue was filled with hot people, to see the hottest and coolest band in the L.E.S. Des Roar For an evening titled “Spring into Summer”. The store was stripped to bare bones showing no evidence you were in a clothing shop, the counter was now being used as a bar which was in the same place. Most of the graffiti and stickers which have been stuck up over the years were still present as were the set list and scribblings of wisdom from bands, along with photos and artwork, now viewable through glass cases. All this shows John’s determination to keep the store as stock and original as possible, whilst still being able to function as a store.

Des Roar who have not surprisingly been in demand lately, truly transformed the store into the old sweaty place we remember, although it did smell a lot better. Blasting out a cracking rock ‘n’ roll set from small makeshift stage to a hoard of their appreciating fans who seem to grow in numbers every show. With their blend of true rock n roll, rockabilly and garage, they have been hitting the gigging scene hard and creating a stir. Promoting their self released album “Mad Things“, which is available through iTunes. You can also give it a listen and keep uptodate with their movements on myspace/

I really do find it hard to believe that Des Roar are still without a record deal, wakey wakey Mr. A&R man, you have obviously been going to the wrong gigs.

Mick Baldwin

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