Muse Unveil Several Upcoming Song Titles

By Live4ever - Posted on 03 Jul 2009 at 10:10am


In typical enigmatic fashion, Devon-based rockers Muse have begun revealing what appear to be track titles from their upcoming fifth album ‘The Resistance‘ in an hourly trickle via the band’s Twitter page.

Thus far two touted songs have been mentioned. The initial post consisting of simply the album title was made at about 1PM and seems to be the logical starting place for which the tracklisting would follow.

Shortly after another post was made saying “1. UPRISING” followed by an additional post an hour later, this time consisting of what looks like the title track, “2. RESISTANCE“.

Fans have drawn obvious conclusions that the unusual method of unveiling the much anticipated tracklisting will continue through hourly updates, judging by the pattern so far.
You can follow the progression of the track listing revelations at

The Resistance‘ is the long awaited follow up to 2006’s ‘Black Holes and Revelations‘ and is due to be released on September 14th. Until now only one track title has been confirmed: ‘United States of Eurasia

As previously reported, bass player Chris Wolstonholme verified through the band’s MySpace blog that the new album had been completed and was about to be mastered in New York.

Radio DJ Zane Lowe has described the album as “A beautifully recorded, strong, sweeping, fighting, uplifting, rocking, lilting and inclusive record about love.”

Tracklisting So Far: (Updated as announced)

1. Uprising

2. Resistance

3. Undisclosed Desires

4. United States of Eurasia (+ Collateral Damage)

5. Guiding Light

6. Unnatural Selection

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