Little Man Tate Split

By Live4ever - Posted on 13 Jul 2009 at 2:51pm


Sheffield band Little Man Tate have announced they are to split, four years after their formation.

Writing on the band’s Myspace page, they said: “It’s something that we have sat down and discussed at length for a while now and we have decided that after a good innings, we’ve achieved what we set out to do and it’s time we moved on to other things. We’re all still good mates and we’ll carry on supporting each other whatever we decide to go on and do from here.”

After forming in 2005, they quickly gained a dedicated following through the use of Myspace and their own website, and were signed to V2 Records less than twelve months after their formation. Their debut album ‘About What You Know‘ was released in January 2007 and featured the singles ‘House Party at Boothy’s’, ‘Man I Hate Your Band’, ‘Sexy In Latin’ and ‘This Must Be Love’. In November 2007 they left V2 Records and later released second album ‘Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy‘ in 2008. The album struggled to make an impact, and singles ‘What Your Boyfriend Said’ and ‘Hey Little Sweetie‘ failed to trouble the UK Top 40.

They will play a final gig at the Sheffield Academy on October 3rd.

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